Gift Hope Now

We're a platform where you can make the world a better place by giving to causes and charities you care about and sharing about your donation. It's simple, you donate and share, and we connect you to a like-minded corporate partner who will match your donation. Just like that, your impact goes further in making the world a better place - and you've inspired your network to do the same!

A little goes a long way.

How It Works

Donate to a charity of your choice.

Right here on Gift Hope. Every dollar goes entirely to your charity.

Share our graphic on your Facebook.

Right here on Gift Hope. Every dollar goes entirely to your charity.

Your gift is multiplied.

Right here on Gift Hope. Every dollar goes entirely to your charity.

Big Picture

An Idea To Give More Hope

We saw an opportunity to put the power of corporate giving into the hands of every day people making small donations to causes they care about. Companies have money to give away. Nowadays, we see sponsorship everywhere from local 5K runs to the most world's most recognizable buildings - we thought, why not let brands sponsor individual donations to charities, too? You give $5 and post about your gift. In exchange, a corporate sponsor, or two, or three depending on whether their passions align with yours, matches your donation with another $5. We all share the responsibility to make the world a better place, our idea was to make it easy to get a bit closer.

Social Media Driven

A New Approach To Giving

You have access to an audience - even if it's that girl who sat behind you in that one class, that time - you have the potential to inspire someone to give today. Gift Hope is a platform opening the door for corporations to sponsor your individual donations to charities that you care about - all you have to do is share a post about your donation on Facebook. You have the power to make change waiting for you right on your Facebook page.
Everyone is an influencer... everyone has the power to make the change...

All Donations Make a Difference

A Way to Give More

In researching Gift Hope, we've reached out to dozens of charities and had conversations with them. One thing is clear - anything you give matters and you don't have to be a millionaire philanthropist to make a difference. When you give with Gift Hope, we pair you with a corporate partner, or maybe a few corporate partners, and they match your donation. Those donations of any size turn into bigger impact and a little goes a long way. Added perk? Along the way you're spreading the word and inspiring others to make change in the world too!