Sigma Delta Tau’s-Battleship

Fort Lauderdale,

Fundraising goals - $5000
Benefiting charity - Jewish Women International (JWI)
$4051   Funds raised through donations
$0 Funds raised through matching donations
(calculated at the end of the program)

Sigma Delta Tau’s-Battleship


Date: November 5th, 2019

Battleship helps raise money for Jewish Women International (JWI). Its a tournament style event where teams of 3 are on kayaks in the pool. The object it to sink the other teams boats to advance on in the tournament.

JWI is working to empower women and girls by ensuring and protecting their physical safety and economic security, promoting and celebrating inter-generational leadership, and inspiring civic participation and community engagement.

Inspired by our legacy of progressive women’s leadership and guided by our Jewish values, we are working with JWI to ensure that all women and girls thrive in healthy relationships, control their financial futures and realize the full potential of their personal strength.

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