Chefs Alliance

Miami, FL

Fundraising goals - $1000
Benefiting charity - Slow Food Miami
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Chefs Alliance

Health & Wellness

The Chef’s Alliance was created in 2015 to provide information and education to chefs, cooks, caterers, and artisans, offering support and connecting them to the people who produce our food locally and across Florida. We inspire collaboration and communication between chefs and farmers, forging stronger ties and ease of access to locally sourced and sustainably farmed ingredients for a true farm-to-table experience in Miami. We help coordinate deliveries from regional farms and foragers directly to restaurants, arrange farm tours and connect interested chefs with our local Edible School Garden Programs, where they can experience fresh produce, interact with children and share culinary expertise with educators. We honor the chefs in Miami who are committed to sustainability and environmental consciousness and aim to recruit more. We ask chefs to create partnerships with local providers; create seasonal menus; to draw attention to local foods on their menus; to educate their staff. We ask chefs to avoid ingredients and products that are harmful to guests or the environment. We ask chefs to support initiatives to help the environment by growing food onsite, recycling, composting, and ordering from companies that reduce packaging and waste. We work with chefs to make a positive impact on their community and environment via their sourcing choices, the activities in which they partake, and the materials they use.

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