Educating and Empowering the Parkinson’s Community

Miami, FL

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Benefiting charity - Parkinson's Foundation
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Educating and Empowering the Parkinson’s Community

Health & Wellness

The Parkinson’s Foundation toll-free Helpline, with the capacity to respond to both English and Spanish speaking callers, provides critical information to people living with PD, caregivers and family members. The Helpline also allows us to alert the community about important research findings, medicine shortages, adverse drug interactions and much needed advice—in real time. Our team of highly-trained Parkinson’s specialists speak with nearly 30,000 people annually. In the coming year, we will expand the hours of the Helpline to better serve the Parkinson’s community and offer support in more languages. We help people live well with PD by providing families with free resources including: our life-saving hospitalization kit, “Ask the Doctor” online forums, educational books, videos, webcasts and smartphone apps. These tools empower people living with PD to be more involved with the management of their disease and improve their quality of life. The Parkinson’s Foundation puts people living with the disease first. We are the first organization to train people with PD to partner with scientists on research and to form a national advisory council of people with Parkinson’s to ensure more efficient and effective research.

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