Understanding Parkinson’s Through Research

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Understanding Parkinson’s Through Research

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Funding the best and brightest scientists to help us The most innovative ideas and creative research initiatives often come from new investigators. The foundation currently invests nearly $10 million annually in the most promising research. Not only are we working to understand the cause and progression of PD, we are also attracting talented scientists to a career in Parkinson’s research and funding more investigators to start careers working on PD Investing in new frontiers and discovery We identify and address the unmet needs of people with PD by driving cutting-edge research. Our research agenda includes studying the genetic factors, environmental factors and the gut-brain connection, where PD may originate. We must continue to provide crucial funding to innovative scientists and groundbreaking research. Assembling the largest clinical study of PD The Parkinson’s Outcomes Project is the largest and most comprehensive Parkinson’s clinical study ever undertaken. Our work provides researchers and physicians with a comprehensive view of the disease and its overall impact on people’s lives. The study follows more than 12,000 patients in four countries. We will continue to enroll even more participants to track changes over time and establish a “gold standard” for treating PD patients. Through this study, we have shared key findings on the importance of being screened for depression annually and engaging in 2.5 hours of exercise per week for a better quality of life.

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