Everglades Literacy Program

Miami, FL

Fundraising goals - $1000
Benefiting charity - The Everglades Foundation
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Everglades Literacy Program

Environment & Conservation

Will you help students GROW and PROTECT the American Everglades? The Everglades Literacy Program serves K-12 educators and provides a comprehensive and integrated curriculum, which is easily customized and implemented. The goal of the initiative is to ensure that future generations of Floridians understand the social, ecological and economic value of the Everglades ecosystem and in order for this to be the case, we must provide a sustainable education and outreach program. Students completing these lessons from kindergarten through high school will graduate with a much greater understanding and appreciation of the Everglades and the role it plays in our lives. The implications go far beyond the ecology and environmental protection. They encompass economics, public health, urban planning and the overall welfare of South Florida. As such, they will ultimately constitute a more informed electorate, better able to play an active role in the public policy process at the local, state and national levels. Your gift (new or increased) will be matched dollar for dollar by the Batchelor Foundation, who has committed to advancing conservation education to students across Florida.

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