George Barley Water Prize

Miami, FL

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Benefiting charity - The Everglades Foundation
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George Barley Water Prize

Environment & Conservation

Algae blooms, caused by excess nutrients, afflict 15,000 fresh water bodies in near every U.S. state, around the world. They are destroying our natural environments and pose a direct threat to human health and the drinking water supplies for tens of millions. Today, there is no safe, cost-effective way to remove excess phosphorus. Using current technologies, it would cost over $3 trillion to reduce by only 10%. The market potential for this technology is significant and could possibly produce additional benefit by the recovery and recycling of the removed phosphorus- a limited natural resource. In 2016, we announced the $10 million George Barley Water Prize…the world’s largest fresh water innovation award. Together with some of the world’s brightest minds…scientists, hydrologists, universities and engineers… we are advancing the science and economics of phosphorus removal. The Barley Water Prize is an $18 million endeavor – with the potential of solving a trillion-dollar problem.

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