Policy and Advocacy

Miami, FL

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Policy and Advocacy

Environment & Conservation

STAND UP for America’s Everglades Serving as an influential powerhouse in the environmental world, The Everglades Foundation has a history of influencing environmental policy by providing bipartisan solutions backed by sound scientific research. Rooted in science and inspired by these solutions, The Everglades Foundation takes on a powerful democratic approach when advocating for the restoration of America’s beloved wetland. For a quarter century, the Everglades Foundation has been the driving force behind legislation at both the federal and state level that is having a profound effect on America’s Everglades. At the federal level, the Foundation is now working to pass the 2018 Water Resources Development Act, which will authorize federal funding of the Everglades Reservoir project. Already been passed in the U.S. House of Representatives following its approval by both the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the White House Office of Management Budget, it is now pending a vote in the U.S. Senate as part of S. 2800, “America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018.”

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